Our Services

We attempt to offer a wide variety of services to Empower and Transform Businesses and also streamline the process to getting your business from a Side Hustle to a Legitimate business with the least amount of struggle and guilt.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please send us a message as I’m sure we have experience and knowledge of your subject!

Finally Releasing Unwanted Weight Masterclass

Downloadable recording of the Masterclass that will help you to release all of the emotions, trauma, distractions, and unknown reasons you aren’t able to release your unwanted weight.

This helps you to release your weight once and for all and move forward in life, TODAY!

Journey to Deep Healing

3-week Masterclass where you will learn a transformation oil technique to bring up some ugly emotions and to put them to rest once and for all!

With the use of Essential Oils, together, we will heal and make space for new ideas, feelings, emotions and possibilities in your life.

Akashic Records Guidance

The Akashic Records are such a powerful tool, and are quickly becoming one of my very favorites!

During our session, you will have the ability to ask 1 question, and I will consult with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to provide their guidance. I am just the vessel for the information to be transcribed.

Emotional & Energetic Cocktails

A VERY powerful way to use the energy of Essential Oils with your personal energy and emotions to help you shift through your current business and life challenges.

You will receive a PDF download within 48 hours of our session to help you understand why and what oils are here to support you in this time.

Business Strategy Sessions

20 Minute Clarity Session to help you connect what your Soul is trying to tell you to implement into your business, right now.


We can help create a plan for you to market your business through many different avenues including: Facebook Group Posts, Facebook Ads, Messenger Bot, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Pinterest, and more!

Business and Human Design Session

Human and Business Design help you to understand how you interact and work in your personality and unconscious mind in this lifetime. It connects with things you received in your DNA and the personality traits and helps you understand how you can have true success in your life and business.

Monthly Emotions & Essential Oils Cocktails

Intuitive Creation that gives you a monthly essential oil cocktail that will help your energy best in the month ahead.

Each cocktail will be shipped out to you and will have online materials explaining to you the breakdown of your blend.

1-1 Business Strategy and Coaching

Packages range from 4 weeks to 12 months and include all of my tools to help you get the success you are desiring in your business.

Let’s hop on a session to discover your exact wants and needs!

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