Who is Amy?

Amy has trained in several energy healing modalities, is very connected with Essential Oils, Crystals, and is very in tune with her intuition. She uses these different tools to help women entrepreneurs to release the feelings of struggle and guilt to finally achieve lasting success while still being more than MOM. As an Entrepreneur, Amy helps empower other women to understand the business aspect of making their side hustle into a real, thriving business that supports their family. Her mission is to help empower and heal the masses.

Business Strategy

Amy has worked in corporate positions, has started her own businesses, grown existing businesses, and even dabbled in Network Marketing. The experience and knowledge from these many different avenues allow Amy to consult and strategize in nearly all business. In all of these experiences, she has found the emotions play a huge part in the successes or failures and she focuses on getting the emotions in line with the business as part of her strategy and coaching.

Thank you Amy for my Inner Fire Activation! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked once I relaxed and opened my mind to it. What I felt and what you felt/saw was incredible and amazing how we were on the same page! You have and continue to inspire me daily and for that I am grateful. Keep inspiring!!

– Jamie Sondgerath Owner FitWellness and Health

"The Inner Fire Activation provided clarity to me about my future and what I'm meant to do. While I did have a slight headache following, my third eye is opening. Since, I have felt more relaxed yet focused. It was a great and easy experience and if nothing else opens you up to explore your thoughts. It was completely worth my time. I recommend it to anyone! You might be surprised what comes up and how it helps to think through and heal things for you."

– Stephanie Smith

"Thank you for the amazing Akashic Record Clarity Session. Everything you said resonated with me and I am ready to learn more about myself so that I can break through and really get to know the true me and who I am supposed to be in this life. Thank you!"

– Melissa Zack Owner MZ Consulting

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